Workshops & Safaris 2017 – 2018

Baobab Expedition: Limpopo, South Africa: Natural History & Wildlife

Bookings for this field workshop on request

The Baobab Expedition is a journey through the furthest north-eastern reaches of the Limpopo Province, an area with a colourful history, millennia-old archaeological foundations and landscapes defined by sandstone hills, baobabs and riparian forests. Photographic opportunities include wildlife and birdlife, landscape, trees, plants and archaeology: - in short all we include under Natural History.

Host: Anita de Villiers

Tembe Elephant Park, Kosi Bay Lakes & Ndumo Game Reserve: Tongaland, South Africa: Wildlife & Natural History

Bookings for this field workshop on request

Tembe, Ndumo and Kosi Bay are situated in the remote Tongaland region of KwaZulu-Natal. Some of the big tuskers in southern Africa roam the sand forests of Tembe. Kosi Bay Lakes are part of the iSimangaliso Wetlands World Heritage Site. Ndumo’s Nyamithi and Banzi Pans, surrounded by fever tree forests, is a prime birding spot.

Presenters: Anita de Villiers & Lex Hes

Kersefontein: West Coast, South Africa: Fine Art

11 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2018

The workshop explores photography as a creative medium and focuses on various themes and techniques including Photography and Modern Art, Cultivating Conscious Camerawork, The Camera as Creative Tool, Symbolism in Photography, Abstract Photography, Conceptual Photography, Expressive Portraiture and Visual Narrative.

Presenters: Anita de Villiers & Willem Oets

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER. CONTACT ANITA: adevill@iafrica.com . +27 82 873 7345

Ateliers & Workshops 2017


The Ateliers are short (usually one day) workshops where a small group of photographers work with a mentor who is a professional artist/photographer, in a stimulating environment.

There are no formal presentations and participants work within a structured framework, exploring a theme and creating their own images with constant feedback and guidance from the mentor. Technical, composition, design or visual communication issues are discussed as they crop up.

Themes include:

• Conscious camerawork
• Light
• Black & White as expressive medium
• Travelogue
• Exploring photography as fine art

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER. CONTACT ANITA: adevill@iafrica.com . +27 82 873 7345


Click on any of the following courses for more information
• Introduction to Photography
• Introduction to Photoshop
• Intermediate Photography
• Master Class: Digital Black and White
• Master Class: Wildlife, Travel and Landscapes

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER. CONTACT ANITA: adevill@iafrica.com . +27 82 873 7345


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